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About us

makivision games is an independent developer of computer games. The company is based in Berlin, Germany.

We are a team of three developers. The company is owned by Thomas Kröll and Oliver Silski. Tim Schäfer is legally not a part of the company, but in every other aspect he's a full member of the team.

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The team members

Thomas Kröll

Tom's record includes over 60 games, e.g. hits like the "Sudden Strike" series, the "Cossacks" series, the "Blitzkrieg" series and the "Codename: Panzers" series.
Tom is the tech wizard of the team. He somehow manages to create these cryptic lines called "source code" that make the computer run a game.
Tom likes to play games that have a good story and are properly scripted, e.g. Bioshock or Dead Space.

Oliver Silski

Oliver's record includes over 50 games, a.o. Blue Byte's "The Settlers IV", the "Cossacks" series, "Codename: Panzers" and "Divine Divinity".
Oliver is the game designer and project manager of the team. He makes the other team members often feel like guinea pigs when they have to test his new ideas.
Oliver plays all kinds of games and is always looking for small gems from other indie developers.

Tim Schäfer

Tim has been working as a freelance artist and graphic designer outside the games industry for many years. He may not have as many games under his belt as Tom and Oliver, but he's surely just as passionate about games and he has an unbelievable talent for creating them. Tim is also the sound editor for our games and helps composing and recording the music.
He likes to play all kinds of games and appreciates well-designed games.

Friends and Family

When we created our games we've had help from friends and families. They tested our early versions, gave feedback, composed songs, made some models for us in their spare time and helped us by just being there for us.
You guys know who you are and we want to say that you are great and that we couldn't have done it without you. Thank you!

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Our games

makivision games has made two games so far.
Our first game called Sacraboar is a real-time strategy game for PC. It's available online on Steam and Gamersgate.
Our second game called "Way to Go!" is a puzzle game. "Way to Go!" will be available Q2 2013 for PC, Mac and Linux. Other platforms might follow.

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Our passion

We love games and we love making them. We put as much content in our games as possible and we make huge efforts to give you a polished product. Although we love it, making games is hard work. We don't have the financial resources to hire people. Everything you see in our games is made by one of us, often in long working hours.

We don't bother you with stupid DRM. If you like our games please buy them. If you enjoy our games tell your friends about them. Your support counts!
Make a difference and help indie developers (us and others!) making the games you really want to play.
Thank you!